Tuesday, October 09, 2012


Today I wrote a to-do list for this week.  This to-do list included things like 'Buy some supplements for joints' and 'learn some good, core strengthening exercises'.  Alas, dear friends, I've suffered a mishap: as we English say, "I've done my back in!"

I blame my job (naturally) and the fact we were never told how to lift things properly (No, a poster with stickmen on it is NOT good enough, area manager!) and the fact that I'm on my feet all the time and things are heavy.  So I sit here now, dosed up on painkillers, a microwaved heat pad soothing the aches away, Google-ing sciatica because my back pain has transformed from just that to back-and-now-all-down-one-leg pain.


My blog has become, I think, my unofficial moan place, hasn't it.  That's really no good, is it.  Who wants to read about someone moaning all the time!  I've become -shock horror- one of those 'miserable bloggers'.  Ick.

I am, in my every day life, a very smiley happy person.  If you were to ask my friends how they'd describe me, they'd say optimistic, cheerful, smiling.  And I think it's a real shame I don't represent myself the same way online as I do in real life.  Sure, it's good to have a place to have a little vent and a moan every now and then.  But not -all- the freakin' time.  What a yawn-fest.

As I said in an earlier post, I've been doing some serious blog/business/future rethinking.  I want to start fresh and to really focus.  Properly focus.  Stop letting my 'real' job get in the way of planning my ideal future job.  Post pictures of smiles and happy memories and pretty things.  Moan occasionally.  Y'know, 'cause sometimes it's okay.  But be the happy person here that I genuinely am elsewhere.

Coheed and Cambria released their new album today.  I got it early as a digital download (I ordered the extra-spangly super special deluxe box set thingy but due to some quality issues it wasn't shipped yet -sad face-) and I've been listening to it on a loop.  Cue ridiculous fangirling.

Have a brilliant day.  Have a brilliant week.  And Claudio Sanchez, if you're reading this, you have the best voice -EVER-.


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