Friday, October 19, 2012

Four Things.

I saw this post on 'A Beautiful Mess' way back in September and thought "Hey, that looks fun!  I should do that!" and never did.  Then a whole month rolls by, I realise I'm one month closer to the end of 2012 (where did this year go, exactly?  Blinked and missed it.) and I decide I'm going to do it.  Four things, four simple goals to achieve before the year is out.  Here they are.

:: Finish a project (and start it, too!) ::
My crochet blanket...-hangs head in shame- I regret making all those tiny granny squares and am now wishing I'd decided to just make one *huge* blanket.  So it's been put on the back-burner a little until I can pluck up the courage to continue it.  In the meantime, I'd really like to knit a linen-stitch scarf (it's such a pretty stitch, take a look here!)

:: Create a design I'm proud of ::
If I want to be successful in running and owning my own creative business, I have to get busy.  Lately, it's been so easy to put off all the awesome things I'd like to do but that involve a lot of effort and I kinda need to push myself a little bit to get these things done.  It's funny, since it's not like doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom; these things are things I'm really keen to work on, but I still make excuses not to do them.  I think I build it up a little much, think of -all- the things I'd need to do rather than breaking it down into smaller, more manageable things and I get overwhelmed.  This is a good start.

:: Spend time with my friends ::
I don't see my friends all that often.  I don't really have many friends and I sincerely value the ones I do because of it.  But again, despite it being something I want to do (who doesn't love spending time with awesome people?!) I've been neglecting the people I care about and I'm concerned that those relationships will suffer.  It's important I make time to see them, to reach out with an e-mail or a phone call, to meet for a coffee or a spot of lunch.

:: Don't stress over work! ::
This one, I think, will be tough.  My manager is still off sick but is coming for a meeting next Wednesday to discuss a 'phased return to work'.  We're all skeptical but hopeful, too.  The staff who left have yet to be replaced and it's doubtful they will be.  We're running very tight at the moment and I'm doing more than I should be.  It stresses me out more than it should at the moment because we're short staffed, because I'm working 12-hour days, because I've got a lot of unwanted responsibility.  But from now on, work is staying -at work-.  Because it's just a job.  It's not my life.

I hope you're all having a great week and have something wonderful planned for the weekend!  I'm working the whole thing (Woo!  Haha!) but I'm going to work through it all with a smile on my face and the prospect of a week off in early November!  Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Did you see my Seven Year Pen??  It's -so- awesome!  It writes beautifully and it's terribly pretty!  And environmentally responsible ~feels noble~ Go take a peek, there are lots of lovely designs and they only cost the equivalent of a dollar a year.  Bargain (^_^)

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