Monday, October 29, 2012

Almost 1,000 Miles.

That, lovely people, is how wide hurricane Sandy is estimated to be.

That's pretty much a third of the distance that separates S and I.

And it's also about to hit the east coast, where S and his family live.


We've talked on the phone and online so I know they're going to be okay, but it's all I keep hearing about on T.V. and the radio.

How people in New York and New Jersey are being evacuated.

How the transport systems have come to an abrupt halt.

How the storm already tore through the Caribbean and killed people.

Teeny bit concerned.

To everyone out there who is going to bear the brunt of this hurricane, I'm thinking of you and I'm hoping everyone gets through it safely.


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  1. I'm doing homework and keep getting distracted by all the pictures that are popping up on my Facebook. It's so crazy and devastating. i hope everyone listened and evacuated! I hope the people you know stay safe!