Monday, February 11, 2013

Long Distance Valentine.

Ah, another year rolls by, another Valentine's Day appears and S & I are yet to spend one together!  I hope beyond hope that this will be the last one we spend apart but even though we're opposite sides of the ocean, we strive to make our day special ^_^

We always, -always- send each other cards with little love notes tucked inside.  I know Valentine's Day can be pretty cheesy (and S, without fail, will always get the cheesiest card he can find to send to me) but it's so lovely to open a card on Valentine's Day, knowing that someone special wants you to be your Valentine ^_^ 

Sometimes, we like to send each other gifts!  We decided not to this year, as we're saving money for my (eventual) move and since S is just starting out in his new job (did I tell you he's got a job in real estate?  I'm so proud!) he's just finding his feet financially.  When we -do- send each other gifts, we buy each other things that we can't buy ourselves in our respective countries.  I'm a -huge- fan of Hershey's Cookies and Creme bars and he loves English chocolate ^_^ Another thing we've done in the past is make each other CDs (mix-tapes for the next generation!) or created things to put in memory books or photo albums.  Cheap and cheerful :)

We always make time for each other on Valentine's, even though we're five hours apart and with S's new job, time isn't always easy to find.  We make a little bit of an effort, prepare something to eat, sit down and talk about our plans for the future, our plans for the day, maybe watch a movie and just -spend time together-.  And we open our cards, read our letters and go all mushy ^_^

What are your plans for Valentine's Day this year?  Are you spending it with your loved one or are you going long-distance too?  Thanks for stopping by!


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