Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pancake Day!

Despite pancakes being both the easiest and most delicious things to eat, in our house we only ever make them on one day - pancake day.
Pancake day, or Shrove Tuesday, is the day before the start of Lent.  The period of Lent is traditionally observed as a period of self-denial or fasting, giving up luxuries in order to commemorate the time Jesus spent in the desert and also to heighten the celebration of his death and subsequent resurrection at Easter.
And what's the best way to use up all your luxuries, which typically would've been things like eggs, milk and flour?

You turn them into scrumptious pancakes!

We always always have ours with maple syrup and ice cream but you can eat them with whatever you desire, be it fresh fruit and cream, lemon and sugar or chocolate spread ^_^

You Will Need:
4oz self-raising flour
Pinch of salt
1oz sugar
1 egg
1/2 pint of milk
1oz melted butter

How To Make The Lovely Deliciousness
♥ Sieve together the dry ingredients
♥ Beat in the egg, then the milk and lastly add the melted butter.  Beat together well.
♥ Grease and warm the frying pan
♥ Drop around 2 tablespoons-full of the mixture onto the pan and cook for about 30 seconds on each side.
♥ To test if they're cooked properly, take a knife or spatula and press the pancake firmly - if no batter comes out and it feels springy and firm, remove from heat and serve immediately

In honour of pancake day, I drew a little picture of S and I munching on pancakes ^_^ I haven't made him pancakes yet and I know he doesn't celebrate Shrove Tuesday like I do here, but next year we'll definitely be eating them together on pancake day!

And since Lent starts tomorrow, I've decided to challenge myself and, for the next 40 days, I'm not going to eat any food from the bakery I work at and cut my sugar down to a bare minimum!  Here's to getting a little healthier before I drown in chocolate at Easter!
Do you give up anything for Lent?  Thank you for stopping by!



  1. I've never thought about eating pancakes with ice cream!!! Gosh, i'm missing out. As for lent, I don't do anything! I'm not religious, and if I wanted to give something up, I'd just do it haha

    1. Pancakes and ice cream is a seriously good combination ^_^ I'm not religious either, but I like to challenge myself :) and it means I don't have to give it up forever :P