Saturday, March 02, 2013

Charity For March: The Shakespeare Globe Trust

Shakespeare; for most people, it's either adoration or utter confusion.  I -love- Shakespeare with a passion.  During my studies at university, I took every Shakespeare class offered and wrote all of my major papers on his works.  I've seen his plays performed in huge theatres by incredible casts and in tiny theatres by unknown performers.  The draw for me is that there is no single interpretation of any of his work; you create your own meaning from the words (with a little help from the glossary!) and the story he tells becomes what -you- make of it.  I think it's pretty impressive that stories told 300 years ago can have such relevance and impact on life today.

I chose The Shakespeare Globe Trust because I have been to the Globe theatre several times and it is an incredible place.  Beautifully reconstructed, it is the perfect place to not only broaden your knowledge of Shakespeare with guided tours, brilliant exhibits and fascinating talks, but it is the -perfect- place to watch Shakespeare's plays.  The Trust is an educational charity, which works with over 100,000 people a year through workshops, seminars and classes (I was fortunate enough to work with them while I was at university and it was an -amazing- experience!) and receives no government subsidy, so it relies heavily on public support and donations.  Through this support, fantastic projects grow and evolve and the Globe is able to host a stunning season of plays every year.  Supporting the arts is something I feel very strongly about and combined with a genuine love of Shakespeare, this is the perfect charity for me to support.

I'd love to know what you think of Shakespeare - have you read him?  Did you like him?  I hope you're having a great weekend ^_^ Thank you for stopping by!


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