Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Stila-in', Profilin'.

I've never really been that into make up.  I'd put it on for an evening out or a special occasion but I could never quite fathom it daily.  It seemed like it would take too much time, using my inexperienced hands, and I simply couldn't be bothered.  It was bad enough pulling myself out of bed at 5 a.m. and putting my clothes on the right way round, let alone attempting to paint my face with half-closed eyes >.<

I figured it was about time I took a more adult approach to make up; I know that sounds kind of weird, but bear with me =p I have made the effort to work myself into a regular skincare routine which is keeping my skin in good condition.  And I made an agreement with myself earlier this year that I'd 'make more of an effort'; it's very easy to not bother when I'm heading to work only to change into a uniform and stuff my ponytail into a hairnet.  I wondered if getting up a few minutes earlier to slick on some facepaint would make me feel any different.  You know what?  It does.

I took the plunge and invested in some shiny, new, grown up make up.  Again, that sounds kind of weird but taking the time to carefully decide what I wanted and getting something that I know is going to last made me feel grown up (yikes).  I am definitely a less-is-more kind of person, so a touch of primer, some eyeliner and a flick of mascara means I'm good to go.

It's a funny thing, really.  I put it on, take a moment to look at myself and say 'Yeah, you're looking pretty good today' and scoot off out, to work or wherever.  Most of the day, I don't even remember I have anything on.  But in the moments that I do, it makes me smile inside, just knowing that I made an effort, that I feel good about how I look.  I guess it's part of learning how to feel comfortable in your own skin, enjoying who you are inside and out.  I think I've really started on that path and so far, it feels pretty good ^_^

I hope you're having a great day!  We're enjoying some spring-like weather in south England at the moment and it's -so- lovely seeing the sun shine brightly after what felt like an eternal winter.  Thank you for stopping by!


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