Tuesday, March 12, 2013


As the time to fly away to S draws ever closer, I've been so busy getting things ready and packing for my trip (and trying to fit in all my hours at work too!) and as I've been washing, ironing, booking and waiting, I've been taking some pictures of things that have made me smile ^_^

We were brought lovely, fresh eggs by my aunt - look at the size compared to a supermarket egg!  Huge!  Lots of them had two yolks in too :3 scrumptious!

Celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday, with a little homemade banner...

...simply wrapped and decorated gifts...

...and roses the colour of sunshine!

Cute little kitties sleeping, all curled up and comfy (I wish I was a cat so I could crash down for a nap anywhere!)

Last minute double-checks and crossing off on my many lists >.<

I'm -so- excited!  Just one more shift at work and then I'm off to see my boy for a whole week!  We'll be seeing my favourite band, travelling to Virginia to see our friends get married and spending a lot of quality time together, making plans for our future ^_^ Do you have exciting plans for your week?  Thank you for stopping by!


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  1. Whoo, I was nervous that I had missed Mother's Day, but it's not until May here. hehe I can't believe the size difference in those eggs!!

    Have fun on your trip!! Woohoo!