Sunday, February 20, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Well, different but still on the creative theme (^_^)
I spent ages trying to decide how to make this postcard for Kyla.  I wanted to do some wire work but that can get kind of bulky and it deforms so easily in the mail.  Then I figured I'd attempt some parchment craft but, again, it's pretty fragile and might get wrecked on the way to Canada.  So, with some encouragement from Creativity BootCamp, I tried something still connected to my paper craft but different to what I normally do.  Et voilà!  My very first paper/card/button/sewing creation!
I was inspired by a clothes magazine that came out of my brother's Metal Hammer (a magazine for rock and metal music) which was showcasing punk/goth/rock style clothing.  I initially wasn't going to stitch at all but I wanted to attach buttons and make sure they didn't come off!  I love origami too, I've always been keen on Japanese art and culture and it felt right to add a little origami heart to the slightly awkward looking skull.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, since it was a bit of an adventure planning and creating it.  I wasn't sure how to place my stitches around the edge of the skull and sewing on paper, I discovered, is very different to sewing with fabric!  There's far less room for error!  Despite a few little mistakes, I took it slowly and I really enjoyed making it.

The point of the exercise in Creativity BootCamp is to branch out into new directions creatively and see if I could discover another side to my creativity, something else I could make and enjoy.  And I did!  I'm not sure yet how I'll refine the process of stitching with paper and using a combination of materials in crafting, but I'm going to have a lot of fun finding out (^_^)

In other, terribly exciting news, tonight my boy and I are having a Skype Date Night, which I'm really looking forward to!  He's told me to wear my favourite colour and that the theme of the night is 'haunted'.  I'm so curious to find out what he's planned for us!  We're going to make some scrummy tuna sandwiches together and eat, then who knows where the night will take us!  It's difficult, being in a relationship with someone so far away, but we make the effort to keep things interesting and show each other that we really care and are invested in our relationship (^_^) Roll on May, I can't wait to see him again!  Hope you're having an awesome Sunday!


  1. Hiya, just stumbled across your post (very new to the blogging world!) It struck a chord as my best friend is currently going through the same thing - her boyfriend is in America and they're currently relying on Skype dates until he comes over in April. They do the same sorts of things - cooking the same food and having themed dates, it seems to really make a difference for them and I'm sure when I tell her about this post she'll feel better knowing other people are in the same situation. :-))

    PS. never realised you could sew on paper - great idea!

  2. Omg, that is so so cute! I also didn't know about sewing on paper. You are one hell of a crafty lady! ^_^

    Have fun with your boyfriend! Jen and I were long distance for four years, I was in Illinois and she was in Utah! We chatted, sent boxes and letters, played the same games and watched the same movies, ate the same food and also did the whole video chatting thing. ^_^ It really does help!