Saturday, August 06, 2011

Today I...

Smiling emoticon  Enjoyed my *super* early walk to work in the fresh air and saw some bunnies!
Frowning emoticon Had to wake up at 4:45am (does that time even really exist?!) in order to get to work.
Smiling emoticon Had a lovely, pick-me-up nap before dinner and woke up feeling great!
Frowning emoticon Cut my finger on the friggin' safe!  That's how safe it is, pfft.
Smiling emoticon Am about to talk to my favourite person ever about exciting moving plans!

I wish I was one of those normal people who looked forward to the weekends, mine are always full of crazy long hours at work and unfortunate gouging-finger-on-safe-door accidents!  I've worked some darn long hours this week and am about ready for my day off on Monday (soon to be followed by

I hope you all are having a great weekend and have some wonderful things planned for an epic Sunday (^_^)  I'm going to munch my way through some chocolate covered honeycomb, talk to my boy and fall into bed for an early night!  Perfect!


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  1. I use to work weekends for many years so I know how you feel. That's one reason I chose a job with weekends off.